Dubai is a popular holiday destination and is known for its architectural feet, exotic delicacies, fancy buildings, shopping for gold and silver, attractive shopping malls and sunny beaches. Countless people come here every year to visit the uncountable places in Dubai, either for business or to shop. To make your trip memorable and to spend an unforgettable time in Dubai the better choice to facilitate the movement through the city is to rent a car in Dubai. This facility is convenient and cheaper for businessmen and tourists who arrive in Dubai for exploring the city. To rent a car in Dubai, you must have a valid international driving license, a passport, a visa and a credit card for identification and authentication purposes. Normally the local driving license issued in UAE is of 6 months old for hiring a car. However, there are few rental companies in Dubai that provide a car for a fresh license. 
Car rental companies in Dubai provide you cars with or without drivers. It is your choice to decide whether to choose a driver for a car during trip or not. But if you want to drive it yourself you must first acquire a license from the driver to drive the car. 

If you book a car with driver then he should possess the following things:

•   The driver should have a valid driving licence.
•   Driver’s age should be of minimum 23 years.
•   An international driver’s licence is compulsory.

You can get attractive discounts and offers if you book a car for the longer time. Also, if you book your car early you can save a large amount of money. You can book a car online or offline depending upon the mode of payment of that company.
Choosing the car from the car rental companies in Dubai is too easy. The only thing you need to do is to select the vehicle you want to use, check for the confirmation of your booking and grad the keys. All the legal formalities will be handled by the car rental agency to ensure their clients a tension free booking. You can travel as much as you want and can explore the city at your own pace.
You can choose the offers that best suit you and can also choose a car according to your choice. The services provided by the car rental companies are quick and you don’t need to wait in long queues to book taxis and cabs. Only the reliable car rental companies will not deceive you by charging the extra chargers after leasing. So you must choose the right car rental company for spending money in the right place.
Once you are aware of all the must know things for renting a car then it is a time for the smooth and memorable drive with or without drive, for that you ought to follow some rules while driving.


Since Dubai has one of the highest road death tolls in the world thus you need to follow the following rules to ensure safety of your life.
•   You should use seat belts while driving a car.
•  You are not allowed to use mobile phones while driving, you or your driver may use hands-free devices but not phones else you will be charged.
•  You should not drink alcohol while driving a car. Drinking alcohol is highly prohibited in the entire UAE. Doing so will result in harsh penalties including jail.
•  During the leasing period, you can travel anywhere inside the country but cannot drive abroad until and unless the driver is a resident of UAE.
•  When driving on high-ways, takecare of the different speed allowed by the government on different highways and do not exceed the speed limit.
•  Be aware of the rush hours in Dubai, they are commonly from eight to ten o’clock in the morning and from 5 o’clock in late afternoon when people migrate for work.