Rental Car Accident c

Rental Car Accident

Dubai is the city which can be best explored in a car. The roads very well built and spacious, with excellent maintenance. The signage at each road is very well designed and both locals and foreigners find it very easy to follow them. But even after so many privileges, some day or the other you might get unlucky to meet an accident. But having enough information will definitely save your time and efforts, and wont ruin your mood at all.

All rental cars are registered with the UAE authorities and insured with insurance companies. The extent of insurance coverage is governed by an agreement between the car dealer and the insurance company. the conditions of this agreement  is different for different rental car companies and you need to check it before you rent a car. generally if a criminal liability has arisen i.e, if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol ,then the dealer shall not be responsible to cover any damages resulting from such an incident.

Generally, when an accident takes place, the first thing you should do is call the police (999) to obtain a police report. . The police determines which party is at fault. They will issue a green card if you are not guilty and a pink  or a red card if you are. After this, you have to contact your car dealer who gives you the information about the damages covered under their insurance policy. If  the car is not registered under the insurance policy, then all the liabilities arising from this accident fall upon the car dealer.

Parking your vehicle properly is very important. You will be fined for illegal parking as well as exceeding your time limit. Your rented car fines will generally be paid by your rental company and charge it to you at the end of the lease period.


Types of Accidents and Damages

Accidents have different levels, so they need to be dealt with differently.Some of the cases of accidents that you might get involved in are:

  1. Collision with another vehicle
  2. Collision with an object
  3. Car damaged in parking and you were not present


Collision with another vehicle

  • Immediately stop your car and get down at a safe place, check if everyone is ok. In case the other vehicle speeds away, try to get his license plate number to hand it over to the police.
  • Dial 999 to call the police. If someone has been injured ask for an ambulance also. If the damage is little, then you might even drive away without getting into any police report mess. But if the damaged is substantial, you are strictly not allowed to move.
  • Always make sure that you have all your documents with you which include your passport, residential visa, driving license and Emirates ID if you are a UAE resident, and a passport, visit visa, and a valid international driving license if you are a tourist.
  • Don't forget to keep calm in this situation even if the other driver is yelling at you. Let the police come and issue you the card.
  • After the police report has been issued call your car hire company and let them know what has happened.

If you are the one guilty for causing a serious injury to someone, then your fate shall be decided by the court and your vehicle shall be confiscated.


Collision with an object

of course you didn't expect this but if your car collides with an object which damages your car, you still need to call the police. You wont be able to get the damage repaired without a police report. So whenever you smash that poor thing, call the police right away and leave your car where it is. You may even be asked to contribute to the repairs of whatever your car collided with. SORRY!!


Car damaged in parking and you weren't there

If you are blessed with a good luck, then the parking will have CCTV cameras installed and you might get the culprit caught. If no, then you are totally helpless and sadly it is you and only you who has to deal with the aftermath.

In both the above cases, you have to call the police so that they call issue the police report and maybe call for the evidences. But if no such evidences exist, then is is your rental car company which has to come for your rescue and pay the fines. (which is anyways charged to you after your lease period)

Sometimes it so happens that you do not agree with decision of the police considering it  unfair, but that is not a problem.You can easily go to the police station and ask them to re-consider your case. they will get your car checked by an officer (other than the one who was present at the site) and thus the case will reviewed again. If still not satisfied, the case can be taken to the prosecution department and then to the special traffic accident division, where the cars will be checked and the final decision will be given. during this process the fines will be put on hold so that the decision is fair and justice is done to all the parties involved.

Don't let these trivial incidents spoil your mood. Just be careful and enjoy your time in this incredible place- DUBAI.