Holidaying in Dubai and driving on its roads is entirely a majestic experience. The deluxe roads of Dubai will make your journey more thrilling. If you are on a family holiday surely it’s going to be the best time of your life. Shaped by a stunning city scape, wonderful beaches and world class shopping malls it has everything that you will love to see. Dubai offers a complete insight of its history. You can take your family to the Sheikh Mohammed center for cultural understanding and can ask questions about the Arabic cultures and local traditions.  Visit the world’s tallest tower i.e. the Burj Khalifa standing at 800m tall having the observation deck on the 124th floor. Make your afternoon in Dubai more exciting at the amazing aqua venture water park. Take your family to the amazing restaurants of Dubai where each restaurant has something tempting to offer. Visit the KIDZANIA (a mini city inside Dubai shopping mall) which is best loved by the children. Enjoy your evening in desert safari hopping through the sand dunes. Not only this; there are lots of other places and sightseeing attractions to be explored in Dubai. In order to reach to all the desired places conveniently without any disturbances, you need to have the complete knowledge of the roads in Dubai. There are many ways to do it but the best way to accomplish it is through your own smart phones.

Spending your holiday in Dubai by availing car rental service as means of transportation is a great idea than choosing the public transport. Be it a resident of Dubai or the outsider who just opted for the car rental company in Dubai, these apps will surely help all of them in roaming around this marvellous city.


1. WAZE:

WAZE is a GPS based navigation app. It is similar to Google maps with a display screen providing turn by turn information, route details and the user-submitted travel times. The app is accurate and you can join the other drivers of your area who share and update real-time traffic and the road information. You can connect to Facebook and keep track of other friends driving to your destination.

Luckily, because of its community model and active users in Dubaiyou get informedabout the traffic jams, speed traps, approaching accidents all shared by the other drivers of the same area in real time.

      It supports:

  • Android

  • IPhone

  • Blackberry 10 (except blackberry q10)

  • Windows phone 8

  • Symbian

  • Windows mobile from version 5.

Save on time, gas you fill up and money. WAZE map editors always keep the WAZE maps updated and provide the best routings to drivers thus are first to reflect changes happening around you.



The RTA (road and transport authority, Dubai) is a smart app which is extremely useful and convenient to both the residents and non-residents of Dubai.

RTA offers a personalized dashboard displaying a panoramic view of their profile with links to important emergency numbers, various government services. For safe driving it provides the users with up to date weather conditions. Offers traffic fine inquiry payment, m parking and much more.

RTA supports: android and IPhone.



HUDWAY serves you the best driving suggestions in a smart way especially if you are driving in the following conditions:

  • Driving at dark nights on the roads of Dubai.

  • Driving in fog or rain

HUDWAY builds the route you are driving and reflects it on the windshield as a head-up display updating you with the information of what’s ahead. The information displayed on the windshield is easy to perceive and use. All you need to do is just punch in your destination, place your phone on the dashboard and look straight ahead. You can also share routes and results with your friends on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.


HUDWAY supports:

  • Android

  • IPhone.



Developed by Google, this app is an intelligent personal assistant with lots of brilliant features. One of the best features of Google now app is the new “parking location card” that automatically stores the information (with the help of GPS &device’s sensor) about the approximate location of where you ended your last drive. You can also see the location where you have recently parked. It is secure as your location data for parking location cards remains confidential and is not shared with anyone else. Google now supports:

  • Android

  • iPhone



Enjoy your time in Dubai with the help of this app.Be carefree about where You have parked your car. You can use this app to remember GPS position of your hotel in Dubai, position of your car or any other location. You can share your current position with your friends too and can store as many as position you want to besides creating import/export backup as well.

It supports:

  • Android

  • IPhone

We wish you the best time in Dubai.