Dubai is best experienced on wheels and everyone wants to visit this amazing city at least once in a lifetime. It is an ultimate tourist destination which is highly attracted by tourists who come in abundance on every year to enjoy the time with their loved ones. Dubai has many sightseeing attractions, cultural highlights and glamorous modern add-ons in it. You will find everything in Dubai ranging from the deserts, architectural fleet to beautiful malls.

Spending time in Dubai is a stupendous feeling and if you have your own car with you in Dubai or you hire a car from a car rental company in Dubai then surely your trip is going be a magical one. 2016 has just started and you may have lots of plans of exploring Dubai in your mind but before you plan to come here for your holiday trip and start to drive, you must be aware of all the necessary things that are must to be taken into consideration while driving in Dubai.

Depending upon the road conditions in Dubai, some important driving rules ought to be taken into consideration while driving your car. Alemad car rental in Dubai believes in the safety of our clients and assists them in every possible way. We recommend some precautions and safety measures that you need to keep in your mind for the safety of you, your friends and family.

1.    Driving in Dubai requires a lot of patience. Due to the highest death rates on roads per capita in the world, we suggest you be calm during driving.

2.    UAE is an Islamic country and you should accept the laws and ethics of UAE respectfully. If you are non-Muslim, we suggest you not to drink while driving as it will not be tolerated by the UAE policy and you will be fined. Any offence or bad words against Islam can lead to legal troubles.

3.    It is always dangerous to drive in foggy conditions of Dubai as it will result in more and more accidents and vehicle crashes. Dubai has already been in the news due to massive pileups in fogs.  It is advisable not to drive during fog and keep yourself safe.

4.    Besides fog, driving in sandstorm also proves to be full of dangers and requires maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles. Extreme care has to be taken to avoid road accidents.

5.    Another UAE driving rule is you have to drive on the right-hand side of the carriageway.

6.    Mobile radar cameras are set-up all around the emirate to keep an eye on those who are driving over the speed. Hence, traffic rules and signals is a must to follow else you will be fined heavily.

7.    Children between the ages of 4 and 8 are required to sit on the booster seats in cars and for those younger than 13-year-old are not allowed to sit in the passenger seat.

8.    Wearing seat belts and using hands-free set while driving is necessary and if you are caught with breaking any of the rules, you will be landed to jail.

9.    Be aware of the alternative routes in Dubai as traversing through them on different occasions will possibly help you in many ways.

10.     Before you hit the roads of Dubai, make sure to take the list containing the agreements of car Rental Company with the repair centres of Dubai.

If you get involved in any breakdowns you can call us on our contact no’s available on our website.

Alemad rent a car in Dubai wishes you a safe and a memorable journey for the rest of year.