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Rent a Car in Dubai - with Alemad.

Planning to explore Dubai, but don’t have a car?

If you are worried about how to visit all the beautiful locations while being in Dubai, then all your worries have come to an end. Now, have the whole country at your disposal with Al Emad car rental services. Enjoy the benefits of having your own car, and get to visit all beautiful destinations that Dubai is known for.

Why rent a car in dubai?

An amazing place like Dubai needs to be explored as much as possible. Every single place is worth seeing and unique in its own way. In this case, public transport is not the best choice you can have. Besides being uncomfortable, it will be inconvenient for you to spend time waiting for it. Having your own car is the best idea. Apart from saving you some extra costs, it will take you exactly to the places of your choice and make your trips unforgettable.

Whether you are a tourist or a businessman, wanting to make the most of your time, having your own car will definitely help you do so.

Why choose us?

Al-Emad is a car rental service company that provides you with the most convenient solution for all your rental vehicle requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term leasing.

AL-Emad provides unmatched product flexibility. From economy cars for daily usage to luxury cars for weddings and other special events, you can choose from a wide variety of elegant vehicles, in the most convenient way, and at the best packages. We also provide time flexibility which allows you to rent a car for as much time as you want.

At Al-Emad, the customer is very special and valued. Your needs are perfectly understood and catered to. Our primary goal is to give you the finest experience of travelling and make your visit a memorable one.

Explore our latest car rentals

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Chevrolet Cruze

Model Year: 2015

Daily Rent: AED 120

Weekly Rent: AED 630 AED

Monthly Rent: AED 2199 AED

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rental cars

Peugeot 208

Model Year: 2015

Daily Rent: AED 90

Weekly Rent: AED 525 AED

Monthly Rent: AED 1799 AED

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rental cars

Toyota Yaris 2013

Model Year: 2013

Daily Rent: AED 90

Weekly Rent: AED 525 AED

Monthly Rent: AED 1599 AED

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rental cars

Hyundai Tucson

Model Year: 2015

Daily Rent: AED 150

Weekly Rent: AED 910

Monthly Rent: AED 2999

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Special Offers

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hyundai car


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AED 0/Month

Book Any Car For One Month & Get A Gift Voucher "FREE"

VALID TILL : 2016-09-30

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chervolet car

Ford Fusion 2015

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AED 200/ Day

Minimum 3 days include insurance.

VALID TILL : 2016-09-15

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+971 4 272 5639

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+971 5 554 54732