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Monthly Car Rental Dubai

If you are looking for a monthly car hire solution, we here at Al Emad can provide you with high-quality vehicles at the cheapest prices for your travels within the UAE. Monthly car rental plans take the hassle and cost out of buying a car and maintaining the same. Our 100+ rental inventory has a large variety of vehicles sourced from leading brands across the world. We are proud to term ourselves as the cheapest rent a car solution in Dubai, and our prices start from AED 900 per month.

Our services are suitable not only for individuals but also for corporates who require a viable means of transport within the Emirate. The documentation necessary to rent a car from us is kept to the minimum to ensure a hassle-free booking process. Browse through our online catalogue and choose a vehicle in line with budget and requirements. For more information, contact our team on +971-56-680-3692.

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Why Choose Al Emad for Monthly Car Rental in Dubai?

Flexible Pricing

When we say that our monthly car rental plans are flexible, we mean it! Start with a monthly subscription and then chop and change to meet your lifestyle demands. Long-term rental packages are also available, so reach out to our team with your specific requirements.

No-Hidden Charges
Yes, insurance will cost you extra, and yes, we do have a monthly mileage limit on our vehicles. Customers shall be informed of additional charges that they might need to pay before the keys are handed over. In short, we will not levy a single penny as a hidden or sur-charge.

Amazingly Low Prices
Customers can rest assured in knowing that they’ll get the best possible deals when they are hiring from DEMO RAC. Feel free to look around, but you’ll not find another reliable rental provider in Dubai that can match our prices.

24/7 Customer Service
Stuck on the road with our rental car, no need to worry! Call us on +971-56-680-3692, any time of the day, and our team will be with you to help and render recovery service if needed.

Monthly Car rental Customer Testimonials

I got my UAE driver’s license last year and started renting cars on a monthly basis from Al Emad. I am really happy with the service, and that’s the reason I am a repeat customer with them. - Affan

My sister was visiting me from Saudi Arabia, and I rented a monthly car for her from Al Emad. We were elated at how easy the process was. Thank you, guys, for your service. - Salem


In order to rent a car in the UAE, the lessee is required to submit the below mentioned documents

Emiratis & UAE Resident
  • A Valid UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID front & back
  • Passport & Visa page copy
Foreign Tourists
  • Home Country Driver’s License and IDP
  • Copy of Visa Entry Stamp
  • Passport Copy