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Al Emad Cars is known to be a trusted and reliable rental service provider. We offer a wide range of luxury cars that include Range Rover, Audi A8, and Mazda CX-3 among many others. Whether you are new to Dubai or a resident, we offer our rental services to everyone. Impress your peers and surroundings, as you cruise through in one of our luxury cars. We ensure each one is checked and kept in their best behavior, to prevent any accidents or mishaps. Our rental process is very quick and easy, and the documents required are also kept to a minimum.

Why Hire A Luxury Car from Us?

Fulfil your desire of driving a luxury car through our car rental agency. We explain why you should hire a luxury car from us.

Low Price and High Quality

Everyone believes luxury cars come with a heavy price tag. That isn’t the case here. We have various deals going on for all our luxury cars.

No Hidden Charges

At Al Emad, you only pay for the car that you hire. We don’t have any additional charges apart from what is mentioned.

Residents and Tourists Can Apply

Our car rentals apply to both residents and tourists alike. We require specific and limited documents from either party.

Free Service

You only have to worry about your fuel costs. Leave the maintenance and service fee in our hands. We also cover the insurance for your car.

Emergency Support

In case of an accident or issue with the car, our team is available 24/7 for any assistance. While your car is being taken care of, you are provided with a substitute vehicle.

Necessary Paperwork Need to Hire a Car

Emiratis & Residents
  • A Valid UAE Driving License
  • Front & Back Copy of Resident ID
  • Face and Visa Page Copy of Passport
Foreign Tourists
  • Home Country Driver’s License and IDP
  • Copy of Visa Entry Stamp
  • Copy of their Passport