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7 Things to Remember During a Sandstorm | Al Emad JLT

The UAE has also been battered by sandstorms more than twice a year. In these cases, the risks of an incident are very high, because our perspectives is impaired. Nevertheless, the sandstorms are not immediate, and the warnings are addressed to the media. The following suggestions will help you drive if you’re trapped in a sandstorm anytime.

7 Things to Remember During a Sandstorm | Al Emad JLT

1. Keep your speed slow and headlights ON.

Sandstorms create zero vision conditions that can only be handled through slow speed, headlights, and signs to render yourself noticeable to other vehicles.

2. Avoid sudden breaks

Due to inadequate visibility, other drivers may not be able to react to abrupt breaks which can contribute to car accidents.

3. Maintain distance

This may be challenging to search at other cars, which is why most  critical advice is to maintain a reasonable gap. Low visibility impacts the reflections, and can be compensated with while maintaining space.

4. Search for high ground 

In a sandstorm, sand fragments become more compact as they are near to the earth and vice versa. So finding a higher ground could enable you stretch your view distance and get a far better vision.

5. Close every entrance 

Sneaking sand particles into your lungs will cause severe inflammation in your respiratory system. This is advisable that all windows and air vents be kept locked during a sandstorm

6. Get to the side 

In extreme cases, the severity of a sandstorm can be so strong that you might not be able to see anything except the windshield. The best you can do is turn it over and switch the lights off. Stay before the level decreases so you can see up to 250-350 ft more

7. Stress must be avoided 

Ultimately, the most critical advice is to keep the mind calm. When you're nervous, you can't make the right choices, but you can be patient and vigilant at the same time. Adjust the pace and adopt the most effective approaches. The vehicle may be destroyed, but the life is far more valuable than that.  Holding these considerations in mind, who knows when the sandstorm reaches Dubai. When you're unlucky enough to get trapped in one, it may help you escape a hazardous sandstorm.