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Is It Safe To Drive in Rental Car During the Pandemic Outbreak

While many citizens of the UAE are continuing to work from home, certain working professionals have begun driving to work. Avoiding public transport is certainly one way of limiting the increase to the virus. You could also rent a car instead, which is a solution to maintain a safe distance from others. In fact car rental companies have now become more cautious and are ensuring to sanitize the car before and after being used. Now, you must be wondering what are the precautions you must take to drive safely in this serious situation. Allow us Al Emad to take away your worries, as we bring to you four simple tips to follow and protect yourself while driving.

Is It Safe To Drive in Rental Car During the Pandemic Outbreak

Always Park the Vehicle Yourself

Whether you are driving to the mall or any location with a valet parking service, we suggest skipping it altogether. It limits your contact with the valet drivers and also assures you complete safety. In fact, with the lockdown and more people being indoors, finding parking won't seem to be an issue.

Sanitize the Car

To counter the spread of the virus, it is required to sanitize your car regularly. Focus on areas that come in contact frequently, such as the steering wheel, gear, infotainment system, doors, windows, and seatbelts. Not to forget, the dashboard as well, as it carries the maximum number of germs. Use a strong alcohol-based sanitizer when cleaning to keep all your worries of coming into contact with the virus.

Beware of Gas Stations

While this may not appear as a major risk, according to a recent study conducted, it is found that fuel stations carry twelve times more germs than a public restroom. Now that is certainly something to consider, With over thousands of cars visiting a gas station in a day, and workers coming in contact with different individuals, you might want to be more cautious when getting your rental car refuelled. In case of a self-service, we recommend using gloves to prevent physical several objects like buttons and the pump itself that might be infected.

Avoid Travelling with Passengers

This is especially for those who have to commute to work daily. Rent a car instead as it limits your interaction with other passengers, further reducing the risk of being infected. Public transport and vans are more likely to carry the virus as to a private car. In fact, with the new driving rule in place, the number of passengers in the car should be limited to just one and should be seated at the back with a face mask on at all times.