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Maintaining Your Car in The Scorching Heat of The UAE

Just the feeling of summer recalls many past experiences due to the extreme heat and fear of the Arabian deserts. The rise in the temperature can cause harm to you and your rental vehicle, With that being said you spare a few minutes to inspect your rental vehicle. While you have the right to get comfortable in your air conditioning room, your car undergoes the heat under the intense rays of the sun. So let's get to understand the ways to maintain your rental car throughout the extreme heat in the UAE.

Maintaining Your Car in The Scorching Heat of The UAE

Monitor the tyre pressure throughout the day

With all the hits on uneven surfaces, and driving in challenging road surfaces your vehicle definitely deserves a tyre pressure check. The temperature outdoors also affects the tyre pressure, Before you hit the roads with your family and friends it is advised to check the tyre pressure before your adventures journey.

Keep the vehicle Interior cool

We all imagine with the feeling that that comes when entering your car during a hectic summer. Where you feel like you’ve walked into a fire. Well, we sure understand this temperature, and so have to come up with an easy solution to solve it. Before you enter your car, slightly lower one window, and immediately set the door on the other side. It not only helps in releasing the air out but also brings the temperature in line with the surrounding.

Cover the Seats

Do you also feel the impression of sitting on the sizzling hot seats of your car, If the answer is positive, then we have a solution for that as well. Place a seat cover on them before leaving, as it’ll prevent them from burning or overheating.