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Pros and Cons of a Sedan | Al Emad Rent a Car Dubai

Sedan and SUVs have had a tremendous argument for a long period of time but which one is better? Here is an outline of both styles, written specifically for customers in Al Emad. Sedan The Sedan is a typical model of car that is usually seen on highways. It is more of a compact vehicle, typically including four seats, one driver and one trunk. Numerous variations of this are commercially available, created by business organizations.

Pros and Cons of a Sedan | Al Emad Rent a Car Dubai

Pros of a Sedan 

High Fuel Economy 

The fuel efficiency is phenomenal since Sedan is intended to be a luxury vehicle. The new models will represent the highest fuel efficiency for customers. Leasing one is also more cost-effective unless you plan to travel throughout the location.

Drive Easily 

Due to their large and small car bodies, the total momentum of sedans is closer towards the ground. It helps to have the car in tight regulation, and that you can drive rapidly.


Sedans are accessible at competitive prices, whether you are purchasing one or leasing one. Therefore, these could be cost effective option for this with the daily commute. This is perhaps the most fitting form of vehicle to travel on interstate highways.

Comfortable Seats 

Sedans are far smaller than SUVs, that’s why tall drivers are more comfortable. In addition, to drive with personal satisfaction, you can conveniently change your seats to the right orientation, as per your ease.

Safe and Secure 

Sedans are equipped with modern safe operation characteristics that make it convenient so you can glide with your relatives all with no scepticism.

Full of Luxury 

Sedans also provide safety mechanisms, however, the proposed methods emerge with such an elegant and sophisticated appearance to append glisten with the profession.

Cons of a Sedan 

Less Towing Power 

Sedans were all intended for being private vehicles. They are only satisfactory for easy travelling around the metropolitan area, though not for factors like a forklift, scuba diving, or driving on a bumpy road.

Only Built for Paved Roads

Sedans can therefore be controlled on gravel roads in urban areas. Its often speculated that you really don’t enrol for sedans for an off-road or caravanning.