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Sedan Vs SUV How to Pick the Right Vehicle

The one question that throws every driver daily is whether they should rent a sedan or SUV? In this article, we offer a definitive guide to help you decide which is the ideal vehicle for you to rent. SUVs offer the practicality of a hatchback and have a more robust look and features than a sedan. Sedans, on the other hand, have typically been the go-to option for individuals who want an upgrade from the hatchback, and simultaneously need the car to be economical. Here we discuss the pros and cons of both the vehicles to give you a better understanding and help you make a decision.

Sedan Vs SUV How to Pick the Right Vehicle


Sedan cars are known to offer the utmost comfort to its passengers. Most drivers prefer sedans due to its driving dynamics on both straight and curvy roads. They also have excellent aerodynamics along with fuel efficiency.


Fuel Efficiency

A prime advantage of sedans is that they have always been fuel-efficient. Recent car models are known to offer you higher mileage, so if you plan on renting a sedan car, it can be an excellent way to save on the overall cost.

Easy to Drive

Since sedans are lower in height and smaller, it gives drivers great control over the car, further allowing a smooth drive. It is especially handy when driving in the city.


Sedan cars are cheaper and economical to rent. If you plan on exploring the city and are on a budget, renting a sedan is the ideal way to go.

Better Performance

Everyone prefers driving a car that offers great performance, and this can be expected in a sedan. It is also why most drivers find it easier to drive in a sedan vehicle.

Increased Safety Features

Nowadays, sedans, too, come equipped with several safety features. These features offer peace of mind to those who wish to travel with families.