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Returning a Car Late in the UAE? Here's What You Should Expect

Tourists visiting the United Arab Emirates are often advised to rent a car for the duration of their trip. It will allow them to explore the country with greater freedom. Because so many tourists choose to rent a vehicle in Dubai, rental agencies in the city operate on tight schedules. They need customers to pick up and drop off their rental cars on agreed-upon dates so that they can keep their commitments to other clients. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Traffic, breakdowns, or a variety of different circumstances may cause you to miss your expected return date. Whatever your reason, here is what you can expect when you return your car late in the UAE.

Returning a Car Late in the UAE? Here's What You Should Expect

Grace Period

Most of the car rental agencies in Dubai have been in business for several years. As such, they understand that external factors may prevent a customer from returning their vehicle on time. For this reason, they tend to offer grace periods, during which no late fee is charged. The length of the grace period will vary from one rental agency to the next. It can last from anywhere between one hour to a couple of days.

Late Fees

If you return your rental car outside of your chosen agency's grace period, you can expect to be fined for doing so. Virtually every car rental agency in Dubai and beyond charges a late fee if a car is returned, notably after the agreed-upon date. The size of the fine will depend, of course, on the agency from which you'd hired the car. It is also dependent on how late you are in returning the vehicle and the reason for your delay.

Thorough Questioning

Everything You Should Expect When Returning A Car LateIt is rare for a car rental agency to allow a vehicle to be returned late, no questions asked. They ask these questions for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it will enable the agency to determine how much they should charge you for being late. Secondly, it will also allow the garage to determine whether the delay was due to any damage to the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection

If the agency is left waiting for a more extended period for the vehicle to be returned, it is only natural for them to be concerned about the vehicle's condition. As such, the car or SUV in question will be subjected to thorough inspection when it is returned. If any damage is discovered, you will be required to pay the repair charges on the vehicle.

Future Complications

If it is determined that you returned your car late due to forces out of your control, you are unlikely to experience any difficulty renting a car in the future. If you are found to be responsible for the delay, however, you can expect some complications the next time you try to rent a vehicle in the UAE. In the future, you may be asked to pay in advance or sign an engagement agreement before you are permitted to rent a car.