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Rent a Car Airport

Rent a Car Dubai Airport

Despise the feeling of waiting for your cab after a long journey? Need a ride the moment you step out of the airport? If so, then seek Al Emad Cars’ airport rental service. Officially recognized as the busiest international airport in the world, Dubai airport sees a lot of traffic in terms of the number of incoming ex-pats and tourists. Dubai is widely regarded as a global business and recreational hub and as such attracts a lot of young professionals from around the globe. Although the Emirate is not short on public transport facilities, a car rental can provide you with that extra bit of convenience while traveling.

At Al Emad Cars, you can choose from a wide variety of popular car brands such as Hyundai, Audi, Toyota, and Chevrolet, among others. Based on your travel needs, financial estimate, and other requirements, you can select from any of our budgets to luxury car collection. Pick-up and drop-off services are also available from any location within the Emirate. For additional information, you are more than welcome to send us an inquiry through email or call us on +971-56-680-3692.

Why opt for Airport Car Rentals?

There are multiple reasons why it is advisable to go to our airport car rental service. Here we take a look at the top few reasons that you should keep in mind before you decide otherwise.


The prices are quite competitive and the featured discounts on certain cars can make your travel cheaper than public transport.

Pick the Best Car

Renting a car allows you to test different cars and to find out which one suits you best.


When you rent a car from us at the Dubai Airport, you bypass the inconvenience that comes with being dependent on public transport.

Care-free travel
Since the maintenance of the cars is covered, you can drive around the city without worrying about getting it serviced whenever the need arises.


In order to rent a car in the UAE, the lessee is required to submit the below mentioned documents

Emiratis & UAE Resident
  • A Valid UAE Driving License
  • Emirates ID front & back
  • Passport & Visa page copy
Foreign Tourists
  • Home Country Driver’s License and IDP
  • Copy of Visa Entry Stamp
  • Passport Copy